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Comprehensive vehicle insurance, not complicated with various protection options by Allianz Car Insurance

Vehicle theft by private drivers

24 hour emergency assistance (Allianz RodA)

Flood protection to water hammer

Taxi accommodation

24/7 workshop & AllianzCare network

Third Party Liability

Allianz MobilKu packages

There are 3 packages according to your needs


An economical solution for your vehicle protection that suits your needs


The most complete and hassle-free solution for your vehicle protection


Vehicle protection solutions according to your choice and desires


Allianz RodA (Road Emergency Assistance)

  • Emergency services provided to the Insured to provide assistance in overcoming motor vehicle disturbances so that the Insured can continue his journey. If within 20 minutes the disturbance cannot be handled, a tow will be carried out.For further information about Allianz RodA, please contact AllianzCare at 1500 136.

General Exceptions

Please download the List of General Partner Workshops according to your location:

For further information regarding the General Partner Workshop in each region please contact AllianzCare at 1500 136.

Authorized Workshop

  • For more information about Authorized Workshops in each region please contact AllianzCare at 1500 136.


Hassle-free claims, wherever you are.

  • No need to bother going to our office. We can help you with any claims matters where you are.
  • Can check your vehicle repair progress via SMS.
  • You can check the status of your claim through the service site anytime, anywhere.

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Do I need to purchase auto insurance?

Vehicle insurance is highly recommended for every vehicle owner, especially because the risks on the road are higher and repair costs can be unpredictable which can interfere with cash flow conditions, for that insurance provides financial protection for you.

Are there other benefits that I get from vehicle insurance?

You will feel safe and calm with the guarantee of any unexpected accident that comes to you and your vehicle, as long as the risk is covered by the policy.

How many types of vehicle insurance coverage are there?

Vehicle insurance coverage consists of: Comprehensive coverage of losses due to collisions, collisions, overturning, slips, other people's evil deeds, lost vehicles, floods, riots, riots, loss of additional equipment, etc. Total Loss Only (TLO) guarantees losses due to total burns, losses, accidents with a minimum damage of 75% of the vehicle price.

What is the age limit of the vehicle that can be insured for the Allianz Mobilku Package?

For Combined Guarantee (Comprehensive) and Total Loss Only (TLO) up to 10 years of age.

What cars can be insured in the Allianz Mobilku Package?

All cars of the non-truck type (for example, sedans, MPVs and SUVs) that are used for personal / official purposes for the vehicle owner.

What is the difference between personal / commercial use in motor vehicle insurance?

For personal / official use, the insured does not receive remuneration because the vehicle is used for the insured's own activities, while for commercial use the vehicle owner receives compensation from the use of the vehicle (eg rent).

How do I pay for insurance?

Payment can be made in several ways: direct transfer to the Allianz account stated in the policy, or using a credit card at the cashier at the nearest Allianz office.

What is meant by the extension of personal accident coverage?

The insurance against the risk of personal accident includes death and permanent disability to the driver and / or passenger who is experienced while using the insured vehicle.

Why do I need to provide information on my mobile number to Allianz?

Your cellphone number is required so that you can get additional services from Allianz, such as feature and service notifications, policy due dates, claim processing status, and others.

How do I renew my Allianz Car policy?

Allianz will automatically remind you by mail, e-mail, or telephone about one month before your policy expires based on data contained in our database. Therefore, it is important for you to inform us of changes in your address or telephone number. The next step, you just need to confirm with Allianz, pay the nominal premium to the Allianz account. After that your policy will be extended again.

Does Allianz distribute or sell information about my data to other parties?

Allianz Indonesia is committed not to disseminate your information and / or data to other parties outside Allianz.

What is an endorsement?

Changes in data on insurance policies, for example changes in vehicle data, changes in the name of the insured, and others, which can be done by submitting an application for a change or endorsement of the policy. The purpose of the endorsement is to equalize data between the insured's data and the insurer's data to facilitate claims processing.

What is a Partial Loss claim?

Namely claims that the repair value has not reached 75% of the actual price of the vehicle shortly before the loss.

What is a Total Loss claim?

Claims consist of two types, namely CTL (Construction Total Loss) claims and loss claims (Stolen). CTL (Construction Total Loss) claims are claims caused by accidents whose repair costs are equal to or greater than 75% of the actual price of the vehicle immediately before the loss. Total Stolen Claims are claims arising from the evil act of another person or as a result of theft, including theft which is preceded or accompanied by or followed by violence or violent threats to the insured person and / or motor vehicle with the aim of facilitating motor vehicle theft.

What is a third party Legal Liability claim?

Claims that arise as a result of claims from third parties from the insured directly caused by the insured motor vehicle. Claims can be in the form of: Material Damage or Bodily Injury or even death.

What is the true price of the vehicle?

Is the market price for a motor vehicle with the same brand, type, model and year of vehicle as stated in the policy, just before the loss and or damage occurs.

How do I determine the amount covered according to the condition of my car?

The sum insured in accordance with the market price of a vehicle can be seen from the car price table which is updated periodically. The market price of the vehicle can be inquired with the Agency or can be seen in the latest automotive magazine.

How is the calculation of compensation for under insured vehicles?

The trick is the sum insured divided by the Market Price at the time of the accident or loss multiplied by the amount of repair value. (Sum Insured) / (Market Price) × Correction Value. The results of these calculations are then reduced at your own risk according to the provisions in the policy.

What is an example of calculating a claim with a sum insured under insured or over insured?

  • Example A - Under Insured:
  • Coverage price for ZZ brand car: IDR 200,000,000
  • Market price at the time the risk occurs: IDR 250,000,000
  • Claim of: IDR 20,000,000
  • The insurance company will pay: (IDR 200,000,000) / (IDR 250,000,000) × IDR 20,000,000 = IDR 16,000,000 - IDR. 300,000 = 15,700,000, -
  • The difference of IDR 4,300,000 will be borne by the insured himself.

Example B - Over Insured:

  • Coverage price for ZZ brand car: IDR 150,000,000
  • Market price at the time the risk occurs: IDR 100,000,000
  • Claim of: IDR 50,000,000
  • Own risk: Rp. 300,000 (example)
  • Due to over insured, what the Insurer pays is Rp. 50,000,000 - Rp. 300,000 = Rp. 49,700,000

Can the claim submission be represented by other people?

Yes, as long as you attach the policyholder's original KTP or power of attorney and a photocopy of the policyholder's KTP, and know the incident in detail by attaching these letters.

Is the driver also guaranteed if he has an accident while driving my car?

If you have extended your personal accident insurance, automatically the drivers and passengers will be covered at the time of the incident. So that if the driver is driving your car, he will also be protected.

Can I get guaranteed maintenance costs in the event of an accident?

You can get guaranteed maintenance costs by extending the medical expenses coverage or medical expenses on Allianz Mobilku products.

What is the Original Defect Clause? How does this affect when I make a claim?

The original defect clause is an additional provision in the motor vehicle policy which explains the condition of the damage to your vehicle, which occurred before the vehicle was insured. Allianz does not guarantee for these damages.

Does Allianz Insurance services cover all cities in Indonesia?

Allianz services can be obtained wherever you are in Indonesia as long as there is an Allianz branch or sales office in that city. If you don't have an Allianz office in your city, you can come to the Allianz representative office closest to where you live.