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Income Replacement Insurance

Lump sum for Critical illness

Lump sum for Accidental Death & Disablement

Lump sum for Total Permanent Disability

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What is Income Protection Insurance?

Critical illness, injury and casualties can occur while you are anywhere and anytime. Depending on the severity of the accident you could end up with permanent disability, loss of limb or loss of life. Protecting yourself and your family while the main breadwinner is unable to work can save you a lot of extra stress.

Income protection insurance by Allianz protects you and your family by providing you with a lump sum payment if you can no longer attend your normal job because you are diagnosed with a critical illness, accident or permanent total disability.

Critical illness Benefit (Flexi CI)

Flexi CI is the latest additional insurance from Allianz. Through the Flexi CI program, insurance participants get protection against the risk of up to 168 critical illness conditions. If the insured, as the breadwinner, is diagnosed with a critical illness for the first time, the insured's family will get additional compensation.

Accidental Death & Disablement Benefit (ADDB)

Will the amount of life benefit you have prepared as an inheritance value will remain valuable against future inflation? Moreover, there is always the risk of permanent disability befall the breadwinner so that future financial plans can be scrapped. view more »

With additional insurance Accidental Death & Disablement, your beloved family as dependents will always get prime peace with complete accidental protection for the breadwinner.

Total Permanent Disability (TPD)

Total Permanent Disability is an additional product from the insurance company Allianz, which offers protection in the form of compensation if the insurance policyholder experiences a total permanent disability due to illness or accident which results in loss of ability to earn a living.

Product Terms

Entry Age



Entry Age

  • For Critical illness Benefit, Prospective policyholders age 1 month - 70 years
  • For Accidental Death & Disablement Benefit, Prospective policyholders age 1 month - 64 years
  • For Total Permanent Disability Benefit, Prospective policyholders age 6 month - 69 years


  • The currency used for insurance policy payments is Rupiah (IDR)


  • Full Underwriting from the insurance company Allianz follows the Basic Policy

Product Details

Premium Payment Method

  • Premium Payment Method for Income Protection Insurance Program following the Basic Policy (monthly, quarterly, semester, yearly)

Age of Coverage of Insurance Policy Holders

  • Up to 99 years for Critical illness Benefit
  • Up to 65 years for Accidental Death & Disablement Benefit
  • Up to 70 years for Total Permanent Disability Benefit

Waiting Period

The details of the waiting period for Policyholders are as follows:

  • 90 days waiting period for Critical illness Benefit
  • No waiting period for Accidental Death & Disablement Benefit
  • No waiting period for Total Permanent Disability Benefit, But for a defect, there is a requirement to survive 180 days to show that the defect is permanent

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